You want to master French?

You are looking to learn at your own pace?

L'Académie étudiant is perfect for you!

L'Académie étudiant is an online platform to strenghten your French.

What can you do on the Académie Etudiant?


  • review specific grammar points (overview and exercises)  

  • revise in a systematic way all the verbs of French + all modes and tenses  

  • expand your vocabulary via thematic lists 

  • read & apply tips for better writing  

  • read & apply tips to speak more fluently

  • practice your French pronunciation     

  • read a new text (news) every week and check your comprehension 

  • listen to a new video every week (news) and check your understanding

  • various activities (write a formal email, express your opinion, report somebody's words, write a blog post,...)                                       

  • learn to avoid the pitfalls of French (frequent mistakes) 

  • prepare yourself for reading a French book (practical advice)    

  • learn how to use online dictionaries in a practical way (and forget Google Translate!!!! )   

Recommended by French Teachers

Les explications sont super claires, merci!

J'avais du mal à motiver mon fils à lire en français.  Grâce à Creafrench il s'intéresse enfin à la lecture.

Conseils et exercices très utiles!

Je me sens enfin à l'aise pour parler et écrire car maintenant j'arrive à correctement conjuguer et utiliser les verbes du français.